Morocco strengthen security measures in shops

Morocco is considering reviving tourism completely. How? Extending security measures to guarantee the maximum prevention of contagions against the coronavirus. Since they decided to return to economic activity, they have put the batteries in the field of security and now from the country they invite new tourists to visit it.

At the beginning of this month, when the Moroccan government increased the extension of the state of alarm for another month, it was done with the intention of alleviating the curve. And so it has been, with a much lower incidence rate than the European countries, Morocco began a de-escalation in which the measures have been softened, concentrating the strictest ones in geographical points with the highest incidence such as Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco, where so far the highest peak of infections has been registered.

However, it is important to know the security measures stipulated by the Government to carry out its economic activity in a safe and effective way against the spread of the pandemic. In addition, the government has asserted that if the restrictions are not complied with, businesses may risk being closed.

To begin with, the Moroccan government is being governed by the considerations and recommendations of the World Health Organization, following them exhaustively in all establishments open to the public, as we explained in the previous post.

Today we will talk about commercial establishments such as stores that tourists usually access and approach and which, in this pandemic situation in which we are submerged, are being greatly affected.

All that any tourist wants is to always take a souvenir from where they go. Also, you want to buy yourself something to eat or drink as sightseeing can tire and whet your appetite. You will want to see the latest fashion trends in the country and will approach to see any figure of crafts, art and cultural activity that is developing at that time. For all these situations, shops, shopping centers, souks or entertainment venues ensure the customer’s safety.

If Moroccans stand out for something, it is for their hospitality, so they will guarantee all security measures so that customers leave satisfied and protected when they are making their purchases.

It will be mandatory to wear a mask for both the client and the worker and disinfect their hands at the entrance. In addition, many have thermal scanners or thermometers with the aim of taking the temperature of the customers and always controlling the minimum security capacity. Inside, the safety distance of 1.5 meters must be respected. Taking all these measures into account, the trip through this typical and traditional tourist attraction of Morocco will be a success.

On the other hand, and for those establishments that do not comply with safety regulations, the Ministries of the Interior and Industry have warned that they will close them completely. These have called on the responsibility of large and small businesses to safeguard the economy and tourism in the country by following protocols and preventive measures to ensure healthy working conditions for both employees and customers.