Sleeping in the desert: why it is an experience that you cannot miss

Sleeping outside is something everyone likes if it is during the holidays. It means getting away from everyday life, routine and normal life to pamper yourself. Feeling like another person away from home generates endorphins, that feeling we have when we are enjoying our vacations.

Sleeping outside is part of the novelty of the trip, being a fundamental piece to determine, therefore, if our trip has been good or bad. Whether or not we have been comfortable in the room depends on our rest. However, if the site is great, everything else no longer matters. When choosing a trip, we usually focus our attention on the choice of the activities we are going to do, the proximity to the places to visit, the price and other values ​​that are taken into account in this regard. But what happens when the resting place trumps all else?

Indeed, we are talking about the desert. Of the many activities and plans that we can do in Morocco, little is said about the authenticity and beauty of sleeping in the desert. Among the deserts of Morocco where you can sleep Erg Chebbi is a great option.

This desert of large reddish dunes is the most visited in Morocco and also the one that is closest to the non-desert area of ​​the country. Maybe spending more than two days there doesn’t make sense. In the desert beyond photographing the spectacular landscape and riding a camel through its incredible dunes of up to 150m, this location does not offer much more leisure, however, it is mandatory to spend at least one night of the trip in one of the jaimas that rise in certain parts of the desert.

Resting in the open is not a good idea due to the low temperatures that the desert usually reaches at night and that the Berbers know it. For this reason there are jaimas. They are installations of nomadic origin, small wooden or masonry covered by fabrics or carpets that isolate the interior of these from the severe meteorological conditions of the desert such as wind or cold.

Your stay in them will be an experience that you will not be able to forget. The feeling is similar to sleeping in a tent in the middle of the forest. The only difference is that there are no trees and what you hear is the murmur of the wind moving the sand and the breathing of the camels (if there is nearby). A unique silence in the world that every detail that I tell you will be little. It is best to experience it yourself. In addition, from the desert, before sleeping, an incredible experience is also seeing the stars, a spectacle of nature worth seeing.

On the prices, these depend on what you want to spend. There are many traditional jaimas and others of luxury. The smallest of them only have a bed and others even have a bathroom and even air conditioning.

For those more humble, do not worry, you will have all the services covered since they are adjacent to a hostel with dining services, toilets with water, wifi … and even a pool … yes, a pool in the desert! But if you want to have a more authentic experience, some do not have any source of energy, that’s up to you!

There are jaimas depending on the pockets and preferences of each traveler, open to anyone who wants to enjoy a magical atmosphere and a unique experience.