Ryanair, Iberia and Air France, among the airlines that trust in Morocco as a safe destination for this summer

We are looking forward to holidays and that is undeniable. Sun, beach, friends, family, plans… enjoying ourselves like never before is what makes us fantasise about the summer months. However, the situation during the summer months is still an unknown for all those who just want to snap their fingers and appear somewhere else.

Although everything is still up in the air and experts say that this summer will be more like 2021 than 2019, we are certain: we want covid-free travel itineraries. For this reason, many airlines and countries are publicising which destinations are the safest to travel to.

According to experts, as a matter of proximity, travel will start to pick up again nationally as well as internationally, starting with European Union countries or others such as Morocco. The African country is among the most popular destinations for travel this summer. Why?

  • Because of its outdoor activities
  • Its emblematic places
  • Its cultural and gastronomic richness

Immunity in June

But, above all, the high rate of vaccinations and the severe restrictions such as the curfew that is still in force are two of the factors that point to Morocco as one of the best destinations to travel to this summer 2021.

The Maghreb country is taking drastic measures to become one of the safest tourist destinations by encouraging vaccination of its population. In total, 11.6% of Moroccans are currently vaccinated, surpassing Spain in terms of the number of doses received. In other words, 4.2 million people in Morocco have already received their second dose.

Rabat is confident that by the end of June, the Moroccan population as a whole will be vaccinated. The Moroccan government’s goal is to reopen the country to tourism and thus become a reliable destination for international tourists.

Airlines have confidence in Morocco

The population is eager to travel, and security expectations are good for the summer, despite everything. In this regard, several airlines have expressed their interest in establishing new routes to Morocco this month:

  • Airlines are hopeful in spite of everything and airlines such as Air France, Ryanair or Transavia will launch airlines from France with a clear objective: to finalise preparations for a safe summer with no lack of experiences and unforgettable moments.
  • On the other hand, the Spanish airline Iberia has launched 800,000 tickets in order to make progress in the reactivation of travel connecting Madrid with Casablanca, Marrakech and Tangier.
  • Brussels Airlines has also proposed to launch three new routes in its summer programme connecting Brussels and Morocco.

If the vaccination continues on the current path and there are no setbacks, Morocco will be able to revive tourism, its main sector, as well as the country’s economy as a whole.

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