El Hedime square, Jamaa el Fna’s little sister

138 km east of Rabat and 60 km west of Fez, the city of Meknes hides many historical monuments. Within its 40 km of walls between narrow alleys that comprise the souk, a picturesque square opens, truce of the characteristic bustle in the typical Medina of the Alawite city. The El Hedime square, in front of the Bab Mansour El Aleuj gate, means “square of the ruins”, this is because of the kilos and kilos of rubble that were stored in the enclosure during the construction of Meknes.

This square is the meeting point between the medina and the old Jewish quarter, from which the alleys that form the souk are branched. With 200 meters long and 100 meters wide, we could say that she is the “little sister” of the Jmaa el Fna square in Marrakech. When visiting it, it is very reminiscent of it because of its buildings that, although they are more homogeneous, the layout of its shops, restaurants and terraces allow you to experience the Moroccan essence, live in space.

The course of the day in both places is similar, during the morning, El-Hedim Square is quiet but at dusk, everything is bustle and fun. A tourist attraction site but also a key place for the gathering of local citizens who come out to meet after the day is over.

The Hemid square is always a good excuse to stop visiting Meknes and take a break. Taking a Moroccan tea from a terrace observing the activity of the square is not wasted; Jugglers, acrobats and a multitude of vendors come together with tourists to create a unique Moroccan stamp. At its center, the fruit and vegetable market is for its olives, unique throughout Morocco.

From this point in the city you can access the tomb of Muley Ismail. Walking or by public transport, the most typical thing is to take a horse car that enlivens the distances between your destinations, it will be a fun and original experience to travel the imperial city in the best possible way.

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