Enjoy a sailing holiday along the Moroccan coastline

You are probably already thinking about your next destination to enjoy during the summer. Generally, except for those who love the mountains, the beach is the favourite place for the summer months.

And the fact is that we are all looking for the relaxation and good weather that this season offers us. That is why we have all dreamed of going on a boat trip during the summer months and relaxing offshore with the sound of the seagulls and the waves.

In Morocco it is possible

That’s why you’ll always find the right nautical plan to enjoy this summer in the company of your loved ones. Morocco, a country bathed by the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, offers you the chance to sail on a sailboat from one of the marinas on the Moroccan coast.

But not only that, for the more intrepid, there are trips from Huelva or Cadiz to Morocco that connect both continents in a trip full of emotions, unforgettable experiences and an alternative way of crossing the Strait of Gibraltar on a sailing boat.

In this post we talk about some of the key points for maritime tourism such as the most important ports in Morocco where you can enjoy the seafaring culture of the Maghreb country:

  • Tangier. This destination is usually the end of the journey from Andalusia to Morocco by sea. Moreover, if you choose the option of travelling by sailing boat, Tangier’s marina is the most recent, and its services stand out for their innovation.

  • Smir Marina. Located to the south of Ceuta, this port has a westernised influence that stands out at first glance. This jewel of the Mediterranean coast is a popular exclusive resort for Morocco’s wealthiest people. King Mohammed VI and his family are said to be frequent visitors to the area. It is surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters that can be reached on foot or by boat for a pleasant and relaxing time. In addition to the beaches in the area, a visit to Tetouan, just a few kilometres from Marina Smir, is a must.

  • The village of M’diq. This fishing village to the south-east of Ceuta is a shock to any visitor. Although its economic engine has always been fishing, the creation of a marina and its conversion into a tourist attraction with the creation of hotels, restaurants, etc., has given a boost to this Moroccan village, highlighting its potential in both the national and international sectors. On the other hand, its long beaches of fine sand have made M’diq an interesting attraction for all types of visitors who come to fall in love with the coast.

Other harbours in Morocco include Marina Saïdia, Marina d’Agadir, Mirleft Beach and Bouregreg Marina. These points are just some of the most important and beautiful marinas in Morocco if you are interested in tracing a route around the Moroccan coastal geography.

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