My private Dakar in Dakhla: the trendy option for this summer 2021

There is only one life and you have to make the most of it. Although the covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we relate to each other and to our environment, the good weather is approaching and we are increasingly looking forward to those summer holidays we are so keen to take.

There are only 7 Fridays left until summer arrives. Yes, seven weeks to start organising our dream trip because we deserve it and, above all, because this year, according to the health authorities and governments, it will be possible to travel unlike last year 2020. With limitations, but we will be able to have a few days of rest away from the world, and that is good news!

For this reason, no matter how many times you have been to Morocco or if, on the contrary, you have not yet ventured to discover the charm of the neighbouring country, 2021 offers you a new opportunity.

An unforgettable experience

To get your mouth watering, first of all, imagine that you can snap your fingers and appear on a paradisiacal beach. OK, we’ll make it easier for you: think Dakhla. The former Villacisneros located in the southwest of the Moroccan Sahara is a town full of charm.

Dakhla is known above all for being an attractive coastal town for surfers and for all those who love sports and strong emotions. In addition to its beaches, its waves, its gigantic sand dunes next to the Atlantic Ocean, its people and its spectacular climate, in Dakhla the fun does not stop and for lovers of dry sports, this place also becomes an option.

4×4 adventure

Can you imagine touring the area in a 4×4? Dakhla is just a few kilometres away from the Sahara Desert, and a visit here is the perfect opportunity to travel through the desert. Going to the desert is not just about seeing it from the outside. You have to discover it and go into it. One way to do this is by 4×4.

In Dakhla you can rent many of them and there are arranged routes where a guide will take you and your companions through the most inhospitable routes of the desert living as if it were your own private Dakar!

If it’s your first time in the desert in such depth, it’s best to have a guide show you the routes and travel with him or her. The all-terrain vehicle is a means of transport that is well suited to travelling through this territory. It will allow you to move freely and without the problems that other vehicles may have.

The 4×4 is designed to withstand driving in difficult terrain with reinforced suspensions, special wheels and a powerful engine to drive through all those adverse places that the desert offers us, such as steep slopes or mud.

If you want to experience the adventure of crossing the desert without help, it is not the easiest option, but it is the most authentic. Next week we will dedicate the following post to the routes to take, how to face the dangers of the desert and how to prepare your luggage so that everything goes smoothly!