Winter in Morocco: the perfect Christmas vacation

Many people prefer the summer vacations to travel to places of beach or pool and thus enjoy the high temperatures of the months of July and August looking for the fresh. Others, just the opposite. For many travelers, winter is the perfect time to take a trip and enjoy the festivities, customs and charm of winter. We all like a good moment of relaxation listening to the whisper of the waves, but also the heat of the flames in a fireplace drinking a good hot chocolate; it is difficult to choose.

This way or because you simply want to escape from Christmas and be a lover of travel and new adventures: Morocco is your perfect destination. In addition to the high temperatures to be in winter that hover around 20 degrees during the day, the Maghreb country also has authentic winter moments, especially in the north, which will surprise every traveler.

For example, in the High Atlas mountains, there are perfect villages for activities that can only be enjoyed in winter, such as skiing. In Ifrane, located in the Middle Atlas, is the town with a cold climate and most often snow more than once during the winter. Its snowfalls, which attract thousands of tourists every year from around the world to the King Hassan II. At 1650 meters that stands this city, Ifrane stands out for its trout fishing. Perhaps what stands out from this corner in the north of the country is that it is one of the most visited places in the country for the authenticity and distinction of its nature with the rest of Morocco.

To feel a real winter experience, the temperature of Ifrane is around -2 º C in winter. The Michlifen and Jbel Hebri station are some of the locations for lovers of snow and extreme adventures. In some moments it reminds of Sierra Nevada because of the amount of public attracted by skiing as a tourist attraction, both national and international.

It is in the Ifrane National Park where this activity takes place, characterized by its forest of more than 50,000 hectares, the largest cedar reserve in Morocco, known as World Heritage by UNESCO. A beautiful landscape worth seeing is that which gives the lakes of Dayet Asaua and Dayet Ifrah or other areas such as the Valley of the Rocks or the Vierges waterfalls near the top of Jbel Hebri.

It is striking to contemplate the rich fauna that this forest enjoys as are the hares, wild boars and especially the monkeys, whose habitat extends throughout the Middle Atlas.

If you feel like travelling and are still in doubt about your destination, Ifrane is the perfect place to spend a unique winter that you will never forget.