Reasons why Morocco is perfect for bird watching

It is no coincidence that the Strait of Gibraltar is one of the places in the world where hundreds of species of birds travel during their migration year after year depending on the season, attracted by warm temperatures. In this sense, Morocco is a paradise for birds due to the extensive forests of cedars, cork trees, scrub areas in the Atlas in the Rif Mountains perfect for bird habitat.

If you are a lover of natural experiences, in Morocco bird watching is unique. This is due to the amount of subspecies impossible to see in Europe and that are only seen in this area of the Maghreb. Although winter is also a good season for walking and exploring the Moroccan forests, spring is the time for almost all bird trips, so march would be the ideal date to see these animals at their best.

First of all, the ski resort of Oukaimeden is located just past the valley of the Ourika River. It is a very dry area, but when you arrive at your destination you will see a forest landscape where you can observe the woodpecker and other species such as doves, blackbirds, charcoal birds, swallows… but above all the most spectacular species that can be seen in this area are the booted eagles, sparrowhawks, herons and storks. These are high mountain birds that are difficult to see in any other ecosystem, which is what makes the excursion really special.

The natural heterogeneity of Morocco, in terms of its geographical characteristics opens the door to a range of species that inhabit each of its ecosystems. From humid areas such as high mountains and forests of cedar and cork oak, contemplate the beauty of its landscapes carefully is an unforgettable experience, especially for bird lovers.

Another area is the Atlantic coast. It is perfect for bird watching because it hosts a diversity of habitats such as marshes, seasonal lakes and the beach itself. Here the birds that we can see are totally different from those of the forest area, but just as authentic. In this area we can observe the african marsh owl or the aquatic warbler.

To continue with the excursion, the next stop could be the reservoir of El Mansour Eddhabi, a wetland to the east of the spectacular and historic Ouarzazate where we can enjoy these winged animals while they fly above our heads. Following this direction, one hundred kilometers ahead we will reach the Valley of the Roses, a unique desert landscape, where roses are collected to make perfumes, colognes and other high quality products, where we will see different types of wheatears that live in this area.

It is also interesting to approach a palm grove and observe other types of birds, different from those that live in the previous habitats.
If you want to enjoy the calm and relaxation that nature gives you away from cities and traffic, making an ornithological excursion will be a good alternative in which you will learn to differentiate the birds and understand more about the ecosystems of this rich country in green spaces.

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