Welcome to 2021 in Dakhla with a route from Casablanca

Do you want to start the year in a different way? You still have time to welcome this 2021 that doesn’t have it very difficult to overcome the 2020. And what better way to give it a boost than by taking a trip.

In Argania Travel we propose you to travel to Dakhla, a small coastal city located at the edge of the Atlantic where you can enjoy a quiet and unforgettable vacation at the edge of the Atlantic. Its coast of crystalline water and its carpet of white sand form, next to the horizon of whitewashed houses, a landscape full of peace and harmony that will make you forget the routine.

More and more tourists decide to travel during these dates to experience new adventures or simply to escape the cold. Whatever the reason, Morocco is a destination that opens its arms to anyone who wants to discover it.

Specifically Dakhla or, also known by the former Spanish occupation of the area, as Villa Cisneros, is a tourist attraction for lovers of beach destinations and outdoor activities. Water sports are some of the plans by which tourists are attracted to this city as it could be considered the cradle of water sports of the entire Moroccan coast.

Although due to its geographical location it is a very windy spot, it is not unpleasant and is sufficient for water sports lovers to take advantage of it throughout the year.

Dakhla offers what is necessary to enjoy windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, diving… all water sports for professionals and for all those who wish to start in any of these activities. Dakhla has specialized schools and equipment rental shops to enter the world of water sports.

And if you simply want to travel to meet new cultures and soak up the traditions and lifestyle of Morocco, a walk through any of its streets or along the beach will be a real pleasure that you will never forget. The humility and simplicity of its inhabitants is reflected in every situation of their daily lives.

They offer a gentle and friendly treatment to visitors and this essence is reflected in their restaurants and leisure areas. Eating in a small restaurant for very cheap and good quality dishes will be an experience you can not miss.

In Argania Travel we propose you to start the journey starting from Casablanca that will be the easiest and most comfortable way to reach the destination. For more information see our website or contact us at the phones or messaging provided on this page.

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