Say goodbye to the year in the moroccan desert

Are you tired or weary of saying goodbye to the year in the same way? Do you feel like living New Year’s Eve like you’ve never done before? If there is one thing we agree on, it is that there is a great desire to close this catastrophic year because of the pandemic. This situation has marked a before and after in our lives and in our way of relating. For this reason, perhaps it is a good idea to start the new year 2021 in a different way than we used to.

If you are one of those who love to travel in these outstanding dates I will not tell you anything new. I simply invite you to discover this special day accompanied by the moroccan essence that comes out of the landscape of stars and dunes of the Moroccan desert.

To put you, in Morocco Christmas is not celebrated as such due to the Muslim culture and the Islamic calendar by which they are governed. However, in some houses and stores it is celebrated despite its Christian origin due to the western influence present in the culture of this country.

Even starting from this premise, when you travel to Morocco you will find it strange to see that the commercial and social rhythm is the same as the rest of the year, unlike another country whose majority religion is Catholicism. Everything goes on as if nothing had happened and, therefore, the indicated days are not national holidays. This is part of the charm of traveling to a country like Morocco during these dates, far from the tedious marketing campaigns for Christmas, the feasts and large expenses.

Traveling to Morocco during this time can be a perfect occasion to forget about this unbearable year and be able to make a “clean slate” in front of the beginning of the year. However, this does not mean that your trip to Morocco will not be special. A New Year’s Eve for someone who celebrates it will always be in their home country or wherever they are. Therefore, and since we intend that you spend an unforgettable holiday, -always in a responsible way-, we propose you a plan to spend New Year’s Eve in Morocco that you will never forget.

Can you imagine eating the grapes under the stars in the middle of the desert accompanied by berber music? Stop dreaming because it is possible. Accessing in 4×4 to the dunes of deserts like Merzouga or Ouzina you can spend an unforgettable evening surrounded by festivity in the purest Berber style, which is the original civilization of the Maghreb desert area.

With drum music, traditional berber songs and a typical Moroccan menu to taste the country’s delicacies around a good fire you will not get bored during this charming evening. But above all, what is most striking is the landscape. Kilometers of enormous dunes that disappear with the horizon and a hypnotizing starry sky are the perfect ingredients of a night to toast to the new year.

Saying goodbye to the year 2020 is a good excuse to get to know this wonderful country, as well as to continue touring its corners after New Year’s Eve, following the journey towards the Atlantic, the imperial cities, the Rif area and other attractive places in the country.

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