Lands of Amanar: eco-tourism in the middle of the High Atlas

If there is one thing we all agree on, it is that we want to go on a trip. Since the beginning of the pandemic, almost a year ago, the limitations of mobility and the situation of contagion, have often prevented travel to certain places and have also forced the cancellation of many trips scheduled for 2020.

We have just begun the new year, we have high hopes for 2021 and what better way to start it than by preparing those activities that we are so eager to live. Due to the situation that concerns us, most travelers are looking for spaces away from the urban tumult of civilization, traffic and crowds of people to enjoy open spaces, outdoors where they respect the safety distance away from burdens.

For this reason, in Argania Travel we propose an original and perfect destination to spend a few days of relaxation in a unique natural environment such as the Lands de Amanar. At 35 kilometers from Marrakech, the lands of Amanar are hidden. If you are looking for a relaxing place around nature, Amanar offers an exceptional panorama over the snowy peaks of the High Atlas. Whether for groups, families or couples, the lands of Amanar is a good place to reconnect with nature by enjoying this landscape through the perfect harmony of sustainable activities with the environment.

During the day, the Lands of Amanar offer a great catalog of activities for both adults and children with the aim of enjoying the natural environment of the Atlas as sports or wellness activities and even cooking workshops. A perfect environment for all ages to learn about local crafts and culture of the area. A real opportunity to enjoy Moroccan tourism in an environmentally friendly way.

The farm of the Lands of Amanar consists of 120 hectares located at 1200 meters in the High Atlas Mountains from which you can see the famous Mount Toukbal, known in Morocco as the highest mountain in the country. In this natural resort you can also enjoy a swim in their pools overlooking the valleys of the High Atlas overlooking Marrakech from distance.

For more, the Lands of Amanar have in Trip Advisor an excellent opinion and a score of 4.5 out of 5 which highlights the quality of its location, cleanliness, service and, most importantly, value-money.

This natural place can be reached with a rental car, and you can drive 35 km from Menara airport or 325 km from Sale airport.

Most of the comments highlight that this place is perfect for disconnection and relaxation. A perfect experience to feel in full contact with nature.

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