Trekking in Morocco: another way to discover the country

In addition to visiting the cities, any trip must be completed enjoying the most natural part of Morocco, its parks and nature reserves. If the Maghreb country is characterized by something, it is the combination of ecosystems that abound in its geography. Beach, metropolis and mountains come together to make any trip unforgettable. This last option for lovers of nature and “pure” air in Morocco is assured due to its large mountainous areas that are, above all, in the north and central part of the country. Both the Rif mountain range and the Atlas mountain range offer an opportunity to discover another side of the country so hiking or trekking routes can be a good option to discover the most remote corners of Morocco.

Hiking in Morocco is one of the activities with more tourists among the inhabitants and tourists. More than 20,000 km of trail routes surround the country . The best time to go to a “kick” Morocco depends a lot on the itinerary and the duration of the path you want to do but above all you have to take into account the weather and the time of year to which you want to make the trip. The mildest temperatures for exercising abroad in Morocco range between November and April although at the beginning of spring it is recommended to a lesser extent because the mountain can be found flooded after the snow thaw. Nor is it recommended to do so during Ramadan and that some companies cancel excursions at this time due to the Islamic holiday.

The best of Morocco is the variety of routes that can be crossed, from the beach to the mountain and from the mountain to the desert, combining it with waterfalls, forests, lakes and rivers that will beautify the road. Although the mountain routes are usually the most common than the desert routes, both are compatible and it is possible to make them on a camel or in 4 × 4 which make the trip an even more fun experience.

Among the mountain routes that can be made are those included in the High Atlas, the Anti-Atlas and the Rif area. First, the High Atlas, which extends from the center of the country to the northeast of Marrakeck, is characterized by peaks of more than 4,000 meters, including Djebel Toukbal, the highest mountain in North Africa. The positive part is that arriving at this destination is that there are only two hours by car from Marrakech, making this activity even more accessible.

Another area with a lot of charm is the Anti-Atlas, near Agadir, where its highest peak exceeds 2,500 meters. If among your preferences is to live with the population and know and discover the culture of the area this is your route, since the road will give you the possibility of deepening the traditions of the Berber villages settled in the Anti-Atlas.

The Rif is another of the most common destinations since, many towns like Chaouen offer you the possibility of staying there and at the same time trekking through its mountains.

To have a good experience hiking in Morocco a recommendation, and perhaps the most important, is to organize the excursion with a trusted agency because among the advantages of this type of travel with agencies is comfort and, above all, safety. For this reason, they are all arguments that end up in the same place: discovering the other side of Morocco is always a good option. If you are interested, ask our agents about the possibilities of doing these routes with us

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