Traveling a hundred years ago has never been so easy

When traveling in the direction of the Sahara, the destination is eagerly awaited but on every trip it is also important to enjoy the road. Among the most interesting stops that we find when traveling to the south of the country Erfoud is a must. Why? Before visiting the destination it is important to know its history.

The land of Erfoud, its terrain and its geography, millions of years ago was covered by the ocean. Now, the origin of these lands is known through the remains that were left. Digging something in the sand you can easily find remains of the beings that lived in the Paleolithic and this is exactly what we can visit in Erfoud. Fossils of millions of years that take us back to the origin of some lands long before civilization.

Erfoud is precisely the place where all the fossils found are collected to display them and make products with them, taking advantage of their historical and, therefore, economic value. In this place you can find all kinds of ceramic pieces that include the Erfoud fossils and through a guide they explain in detail what the process of creating the pieces is, how they treat the fossils when they arrive and how they work with them to keep them and make them useful.

A great variety of fossils that are around 500 types and that gives Erfoud the name of the largest open fossil museum in the world. We can find stones that contain remains and tracks of aquatic and wild animals that have already been extinct, we are talking about species such as dinosaurs and spectacular seashells. That is what makes this exhibition so special.

Currently, among the sources of income of the town of Erfoud is, without a doubt, that of the extraction of fossils. Because it is one of the poorest areas of Morocco, the residents of Erfoud have been able to see that in the strange pieces that were found wherever they stepped, there was a promising future to move the city forward due to its tourist attraction.

The stop is worth a visit.