Why is Morocco the best option for climbers

If the arrival of the pandemic in our lives has changed something, it is forcing us to modify our plans. Before we chose mass activities, now we run away from them, before we preferred places full of attendees and now family plans or small groups of friends … our life has changed and, therefore, also our way of traveling.

Although when thinking about visiting Morocco the idea of ​​visiting places such as souks, squares or places of tourist interest comes to mind, when traveling we must be responsible. Later there will be another occasion to return and visit them carefully. You can currently go to these places, as long as we take extreme security measures determined by the health authorities. However, for those who decide, on the contrary, to visit quieter places and stay active, mountain sports are a good alternative.

Playing sports outdoors will always have less chance of contagion than doing other activities. For this reason, more and more people are opting for this option and prefer to live experiences in places as wonderful as the mountains of Morocco.

Among those enclaves to which climbing and nature lovers are closest, the Todra Gorges stand out. In addition to its characteristic shape and unique beauty, noted for being the biggest tourist attraction in the area, in addition to the Dades gorges, the Todra gorges are less than 400 km from Marrakech.

Why are the rocks in the Todra Gorge perfect for climbing? Its reddish calcareous rocks are said to be very compact, a rock paradise for any climbing lover. Its grip is exceptional and the gorges are structured into 28 different climbing areas and 30 different routes with lengths that can reach 300 meters high.

In this one, the wall called Pilar de Couchant stands out. A perfect wall for adhesion and the most famous because it has fully equipped and adequate ways to place the insurance in the best possible way. Among the busiest, the Dutch wall and the L’Elephant wall also stand out, although according to experts, more and more new routes are being opened.

Like other activities, climbing is another tourist attraction for all those travelers who love strong emotions and outdoor sports in full contact with nature. For this reason, Morocco becomes the perfect destination to practice activities of this type.