What you need to travel by camper in Morocco

One day you wake up and think, I want to travel by camper or motorhome. For many, it will be common to discover new places thanks to the independence offered by this type of vehicle, which combines the car with the accommodation, in the form of a caravan. Not depending on anyone, camping in inhospitable places and, above all, making your pocket not suffer, it is possible. Motorhomes or campers are increasingly the option of more travelers who undertake their trips in search of adventure and new experiences away from organized, protocol and scheduled trips.

Camper trips are made for those who love nature, who do not mind being far from luxury to be in the middle of their destination. For this reason, Morocco is presented as a perfect country for routes of this style because it is the neighbor welcomes tourists like no other and also for its landscapes and variety of natural locations that you never stop discovering wherever you go.

Traveling by camper in Morocco is to awaken the five senses. Forest, desert, balcony to the Atlantic Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea, history … This exotic portal, accompanied by its friendly people, is a mandatory recommendation for anyone who wants to go on a camper route.

Here we leave you a suggested route estimated for approximately 14 days in which you travel the country from north to south and visit many of the most wonderful and interesting landscapes and scenarios in the entire country: Ceuta, Chefchauen, Volubilis, Fez, Meknes, Gorges del Ziz, Merzouga, Marrakech, Essaouira, El Jadida and, finally, Tangier. Morocco is a large country so it is important to have a route set that adapts to the tastes and needs of each traveler.

What will we need?

To travel to Morocco it is important to carry the necessary regulated documentation for all types of trips in addition to hiring medical insurance for what may happen. But if you go by camper, the paperwork increases, since you are also going to transport a foreign vehicle.

Regarding the documentation, we must carry our valid and unexpired passport in the next three months after entering the country, in addition to carrying the regulated documents of the vehicle with which we decide to embark on our adventure. Among the papers it is important not to forget the Green Card, which is necessary if you travel with a vehicle. This document is provided by the automobile insurance company. On the other hand, when we get to customs before entering Morocco, we must not forget to fill in the D16Ter document. It is made up of three copies that must be completed and will be provided on the same site.

What are the roads like?

There is everything, but the best, that is, the highways and highways are located on the north-south axis parallel to the Atlantic coast. There is a highway that goes from Tangier to Marrakech and then connects it with Fez, reaching the most important cities. The rest of the roads that comprise the Moroccan surface are national and those white where asphalt is scarce. The latter are the least inventive and appear in areas of natural landscapes where asphalt could be a violation of natural heritage.

For any mishap that may occur on the trip, it is recommended to take out specific travel insurance since, as we are outside the European Union, the health card is not valid. To contract an insurance of these characteristics, the Morocco Travel team will inform you of all the guarantees and services offered by this type of coverage.

Traveling by camper will be a fun experience that you will never forget.