Everything you need to know to travel through Morocco by motorcycle

Bikers and bikers !! Attention to this post because what we have to tell you interests you and a lot. If you are a lover of two-wheeled adventures, we propose a different escape from the previous ones, full of new experiences, new cultures, flavors and landscapes out of the ordinary that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Morocco is increasingly the preferred option for asphalt lovers. Both individually and in groups, its varied landscapes have made this country a meeting place for thousands of veteran motorcyclists and those who are increasingly joining this great family.

In Morocco there are endless roads to travel on, more than 5,000 km of roads that cross all kinds of landscapes. The best of all is that in this country and according to your driving preferences you can try the one you want, desert, mountain, highway, national road, … In total, every 150km at most you will find a place to put gas and, very frequently, places to stop to hydrate or eat something in restaurants, roadside shops etc. So don’t worry if you are missing something because on Moroccan roads you will find everything you need at your fingertips for a hassle-free trip.

It is also likely that there are areas where every biker with intrepid blood who loves strong emotions and adrenaline decides to get off the slopes. These are arid or desert areas that some bikers travel in landscapes further south of the Moroccan geography passing the Rif and approaching the Atlas mountain range.

 As its name suggests, this category is called offroad, that is, long off-road sections that will make you feel as if you were in a competition on the Paris Dakar line.

However, to enter these offroad tours we have to take into account a series of factors that our motorcycle adventure may depend on. In the first place, it is important to assess the experience you have in this type of terrain. It is normally advised that you never go offroad alone. Always in the company of someone else or in a group. Also, if you have a much better support vehicle, because the care will be more effective.

Another tip that we can give you to cross Morocco on a motorcycle without difficulties is to do it by following some simple tips that will help you focus your trip in a different way:

  • Travel light. It all depends on the load capacity of your motorcycle but, if you go with the least possible luggage, much better.
  • Bring your motorcycle gear and clothing to ride during the afternoon. October is a perfect weather season to go to Morocco. The temperatures have dropped considerably and it is always advisable to bring something warm for the night cold.
  • Plan your trip. Establish before starting the trip the places to rest, the points of passage, the closest towns where to rest or go sightseeing, among other points to take into account as well as motorcycle repair shops for what may happen.
  • Enable your motorcycle insurance to work abroad or hire one for travel to prevent any unforeseen events.

Following these steps, everything would be ready to start your spectacular trip to the Maghreb country, you only need dates and a lot of desire to live new adventures!