The TOP 5 of perfect recipes to make in Ramadan

At sunset a new day begins for the Arab community. As the afternoon progresses, women generally go out to buy the food necessary to prepare the night menu. As the only time allowed to eat, the arabs take special care in preparing the most hearty dishes in order to satisfy their hunger and have as little as possible the next day.

But, what are the star dishes of Moroccan cuisine that are most cooked in Moroccan houses during the nights of Ramadan? In addition to tahini or beef or chicken tagine, pasta and couscous, for example, the menu of this time is very rich and healthy and there are other dishes that cannot be missed in these ceremonies.

  • The most famous and typical Moroccan broth may be Moroccan soup or also known as “Harira”. A mixture of tomatoes and crushed onion accompanied by veal, chickpeas and lentils that have a very complete and nutritious food from the soup for those fasting days. Also in some houses they usually add noodles and the key spices that get to extract that flavorful essence are saffron and sweet red pepper.
  • The most common hamburger is not how we know it. In Morocco, the Moroccan burger is called “Batbut”, the dough in which the mixture is wrapped is also made by hand, made with flour and semolina. The filling of this is a combination of tuna, lettuce, cheese spread, tomato, onion, corn and olives that, accompanied by ketchup or mayonnaise (voluntary), are really delicious. For people who follow vegan or vegetarian food lines, it is an ideal option to avoid having to skip it because, although it confuses its name, this recipe lacks food from the animal, except for tuna that can be substituted by another.
  • Moroccan-style dumplings are called “Briwat”. Their main food is usually chicken. Its elaboration consists of filling the typical sweet moroccan puff pastry stuffed with chicken, carrots, eggs and other vegetables accompanied by a touch of spices very common in moroccan cuisine such as ginger or parsley.
  • Surely you have never tried flour dough like “Sfouf” or “Sellou”. It is a very special recipe because although it seems to be somewhat bland at first glance the pasta that is created is super tasty and rich in nutrients. To the 250 grams of flour 250 grams of almond are added, which acquires a magnificent consistency to catch with your fingers. That’s not to mention its taste. Cinnamon, sesame, ground anise, fennel, icing sugar, honey and butter are added to this mixture. No need to tell you more … just delicious!
  • As an accompaniment suggestion, some stuffed dates can become the icing on the cake on this menu. They are very easy to make and present, so, as you can see, moroccan cuisine is not only healthy but also cheap in every way. For its elaboration, first we extract the bone from the inside of the date or we buy them already like this, we spread cheese –philadelfia style- inside and add a whole or cut walnut in half on top. Its presentation will leave everyone speechless.

Dare and get down to work during this quarantine with Moroccan cuisine. An easy and healthy option to learn about this culture and taste the varied mix of flavors and sensations of this gastronomic offer. It may be an opportunity to try new dishes in the absence of that culinary facet that we like so much that travel always has.

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