Dismantle myths: Why is traveling in Ramadan a good option?

As the ninth new moon of the year arrives, a new month begins on the Muslim calendar. Last thursday began “Ramadan”, as the ninth month corresponding to the lunar calendar is called in Arabic, a tradition that this culture follows and a different month in terms of collective and individual life.

In Morocco, fasting or “swan” normally begins a day after the one in most Muslim countries, which symbolizes one of the fundamental pillars of the Islamic religion. During sunrise until sunset they must fast, while at night they can eat and drink as much as they want.

However, just as it is a very familiar month of tradition and customs, it is a month of joy and reflection. In him humility and empathy are worked to better understand those most in need, put themselves in their place and, above all, value the food that is possessed.

For this reason, although economic activity and city life are paralyzed, this is not entirely the case. In this publication we want to show you what you will find when traveling to the country and why Morocco is a good destination to visit throughout the year including the months of Ramadan so that you do not miss a single detail of this popular tradition.

  • La actividad económica sigue su (casi) curso natural. La única diferencia tiene lugar dependiendo de dónde te encuentres. En pueblos pequeños o en zonas poco turísticas, lo más normal es que los establecimientos para comer y las tiendas estén cerradas ya que, al estar pensadas para locales estas tan sólo abran horas antes del anochecer. Sin embargo, en la mayoría de ciudades podrás encontrar los comercios abiertos ya que, al ser cosmopolitas y multiculturales, hacen que el Ramadán no sea la única opción.
  • La vida nocturna renace. Una vez se despide el sol por el horizonte, los musulmanes se reúnen para rezar y comer por lo que aquí es cuando empieza el jolgorio. A diferencia del resto de días, donde los locales y las calles suelen vaciarse con la llegada de la noche, el festejo de celebrar que se ha superado otro día de Ramadán puede percibirse por las calles. Este será un buen momento para convivir con la gente, jugar a juegos populares con ellos, reír, conversar… hasta que el sol vuelva a salir de nuevo.
Evening vew of Marrakech
  • If you have an exploratory spirit, the rhythm of Morocco during this month will especially appeal to you. When the souks are activated when the moon rises, there are products that are only seen at that time, which can be an opportunity to learn about other realities of this culture.
  • It is positive because there are fewer tourists, so queuing problems at tourist attractions disappear.
  • Although we will find some differences in the most crowded areas such as the medinas or souks, visiting tourist buildings or gardens does not vary with respect to another time of year and their schedules and rates comply with those established.
  • One of the “cons” that can appear during a trip in Ramadan to the country is that, due to fasting, citizens are somewhat susceptible with respect to food. It is recommended not to consume it in front of them because it could be out of respect for the population and to prepare it before making the trip, on the road or at the accommodation.
  • You have to be careful during the hours of the end of the workday with the traffic because, when going to their houses, they drive like crazy to arrive earlier and eat.

These and other questions are what you will find during your trip to Morocco during the month of Ramadan but, in reality, it all depends on the perspective of your trip. If it is not an excessively long trip and to little tourist cities where this change compared to the natural rhythm of the country and, we could say that European, it can be an unforgettable experience.

Traveling in Ramadan could be a wonderful opportunity to delve deeper into Muslim culture by being aware of and understanding its ethnological differences. Exploring Morocco on this date becomes an option where to know the meaning of this holiday: reflecting on sins committed by purifying body and mind and approaching your inner self through prayer. An open, peaceful and comprehensive culture like the Muslim will bring you closer to raising awareness about the social equality of classes between the poor and the rich, which is one of the reflections that are intended to be reached through Ramadan.

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