Titan Desert 2019

The Titan Desert is a mountain bike race for mountain bikers who want to challenge themselves and live a unique experience. Considered to be the hardest mountain bike race in the world, it is, at the same time, the one that attracts more lovers of cycling to Morocco. From April 28 to May 3, the desert will be the main stage for this race.


Stages of Titan Desert 2019:

Stage 1: Merzouga

Stage 2: Merzouga – Ouzina

Stage 3: Ouzina – Merzouga

Stage 4: Merzouga – M’ssici

Stage 5: M’ssici – El Jorf

Stage 6: The Jorf – Maadid


Image belonging to the official website of Titan Desert
Image belongs to the official website of Titan Desert


What makes this race unique is that it is designed and targeted for mountain bike enthusiasts who want to test their physical resistance and overcome themselves. Also, it is a perfect mix between the sacrifice and the wonder of the natural scenes, from the immensity of the desert to the highest mountains.

Each stage of the race begins with a core value that both participants and organizers call the Titan Spirit which recall the spirit of nomads moving themselves through the oasis and the dunes of Morocco. It may be easily noticed in a common coexistence where everyone relates and shares the feelings that this experience creates. Overall, the essence of a nomadic camp but with special services for the participants.

However, there is a one element that makes this career unique and it is an environmental commitment. The Garmin Titan Desert has launched the campaign Titan Life through which the organization is responsible for collecting and recycling all the waste arising from the passage of the race.

The commitment goes beyond the mere collection of waste. Each bottle and bar will be labeled with the participant’s ID number, and the prohibition of throwing away the waste during the race will be included in the regulations and sanctioning the one who does it.

The XIII edition of the Titan Desert is already available. You can check all the rates, fees and different services that the Titan Desert provides here.


Image belongs to the official website of Titan Desert
Image belongs to the official website of Titan Desert


A unique experience where once again Morocco proves that it is a country for all tastes and with both cultural and adventurous activities that won’t leave its visitors indifferent.