Time to think about your Easter holidays!

The Christmas is over, February is almost coming to an end already, but it’s so cold outside and spring is still not around the corner… Probably these are some of the reasons to be in a less-than-stellar mood, but… but we have a solution that will change your attitude! It’s surprisingly simple: why not spend your Easter holidays in Morocco?


Offers for your Easter holidays in Morocco:

– Authentic Morocco:
Departure from Fez, with 7 days to learn about Moroccan tradition and culture (Fez, Marrakech, Merzouga, Dades and Ouarzazate). You will experience the beautiful sunrise at the desert, see most important monuments of Marrakech, visit famous souks and the most important mosques of the Kingdom. Take advantage of this unique opportunity with our offer.



– Essentials from the Rif:

Departing from Tangier, with 5 days in Tangier, Tetouan and Chaouen. We will experience all of our senses to be sharpened, with sounds, smells and alleys that will move us back in time. A quieter experience than the previous one, with very cozy cities where you will lose the notion of time while walking between its craft workshops and streets. Click here to get more information on our offer.



Enjoy your spring to get to know the country that offers a whole lot of experiences and opportunities. Make your reservation as soon as possible and we will make your trip tailor-made especially for you.  Our service of round trip transport will turn your trip into a comfortable and unique experience. It’s time to think about your Easter holidays in Morocco and to face the cold weather with a new trip in mind.

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