The White Dune of Dakhla: an impressive drawing made by nature

If you plan to travel to Morocco and are still investigating the most charming places in the country, so you don’t miss a single detail, Dakhla is always a good option. The coastal city hides magnificent corners that will give you numerous excursions that you will not regret. With nature as a backdrop, dunes, ocean and vegetation manifest themselves in their maximum splendor making Dakhla one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

In this place, one of the mandatory excursions is the White Dune. It is an ideal place to contemplate the paintings that nature itself draws on the horizon. This excursion that is usually done during the day, you can find it, at a fairly cheap price.

After meters and meters of secarral, stone and mud, the famous White Dune can be seen in the distance. What calls attention the most is the unique target of its sand. Its whiteness and fineness, in addition to that contrast between the dune surrounded by the sea makes it especially unique. There is a side, a few meters wide of sand that could easily resemble a Caribbean postcard stamp.

In the White Dune it is very recurrent to teach kitesurfing since the wind allows its practice to be ideal in this place. If you are a lover of wind and water sports, Dakhla allows you to do as much kitesurfing as you want. For many experts in this activity, Dakhla and, specifically, the White Dune, is a magnificent place to practice kitesurfing, it may be one of the best places in the world for it.

Although, if the sport is not your thing, its bright turquoise water will invite you to take a bath. This White Dune can also be accessed by water or by land in 4 × 4, so it will also be fun if you dare to drive through the huge dunes.

If you stay in Dakhla, the White Dune is a highly recommended excursion if you are looking for that peace and tranquility that the coast can give you. You will not regret visiting this oasis of peace.

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