The Tetouan Festival: a journey through the mediterranean cinematography

Do you like cinema? Are you tired because of the Hollywood classics? Alternative cinema could be the solution to your sorrows. If you are still planning to organize a trip to Morocco, we invite you from Viajes Morocco to be dazzled by film productions made from Mediterranean countries to the world where the stories of its people are written by professionals from the country.

We are talking about the Tetouan Film Festival, a massive event that revolves around the film culture of the North African country in order to promote that Moroccan and Mediterranean identity and transfer it to the rest of the world through the promotion of exchange and coexistence.

The festival, which will celebrate its 25th edition this year 2020, is a meeting point for all cinema lovers that allows discovering new artists, new directors, new actors and, above all, new stories told from the Mediterranean countries, both Europeans like North Africans. By organizing meetings on the genre, seminars, round tables, workshops, film classes and screenings will be held with the aim of learning more and more about Moroccan cinema.

This year, the Tetouan Festival will be held from the week of the 21 to the 28 of this month, so now is a good time to look at some tickets and embark on this cultural adventure that you will never forget.

From the festival dozens of films are chosen and tributes are paid to prestigious artists and filmmakers, who in this case are three, the Egyptian actress Nelly Karim, the Spanish director, producer and screenwriter Luis Miñarro and the Moroccan actor Mohamed Choubi to make a recognition of the stars that have made Mediterranean cinema shine both nationally and internationally.

During this edition, 23 films between documentaries and feature films have competed for the 9 awards granted by the Festival. What is done during this last week of March is the projection and celebration of the activities organized around the event. In these interesting and different topics will be addressed, such as the female role in Mediterranean cinema, productions linked to France or a vision of the political problem in Palestine about the nostalgia of a people.

If what you are looking for is a trip in which cultural tourism prevails, attending the Tetouan Film Festival is a wonderful opportunity to discover to surprise yourself and learn about the wealth and diversity of cinematographic work in the Mediterranean through dozens of films that They will make you travel between interculturality and tolerance.

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