The best reefs in Morocco for diving

Although visits to the Maghreb country are still restricted, at Argania Travel we are looking forward to catching a plane or a boat to embark on new adventures. So far, we are going to leave you some suggestions of destinations to visit after this pandemic for diving lovers.

Diving is a sport that is practiced in coastal areas and that is currently very fashionable. Many people travel around the world to find the best reefs to undertake this activity and to be able to see with their own eyes the most exotic plants and animals in the world. In Morocco there are many paradisiacal corners to practice this water sport.

Although the most preferable area to contemplate this diversity of species is in the area of ​​the Strait of Gibraltar. The underwater relief that abounds in the area is deeper than in the Strait area that we could experience in Spain. The fusion between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean allow the walls and slopes to create a permanent current where incredible flora grow. In this way, this nature favors the presence of fish in the area.

The diving season is perfect throughout the year as the climate is ideal in all seasons. The water temperature during the months of January to March is around 17ºC while from July to September it remains at 23ºC. A perfect temperature to practice this sport and enjoy favorable weather conditions so you don’t want to get out of the water!

For price or quality, Moroccan beaches are perfect for diving although it is best to always be accompanied by a professional due to how difficult it can be to dive due to the strong currents in the area.

Some of the cities most chosen to practice diving is Essaouira. There it is normal to dive in addition to having the opportunity to do other types of activities such as kitesurfing, surfing, windsurfing etc.

On the other hand, Agadir is also a very recurring place for diving lovers. In this case, the Atlantic Ocean will give you the opportunity to do diving suitable for all levels.

Finally, Dakhla, in the south of Morocco we find the paradise of dives. Near Western Sahara we can do that sports tourism by launching ourselves into the adventure of the Atlantic Ocean.

These are some of the many opportunities to enjoy water sports in Morocco, but there are endless points on the Moroccan map, in addition to these, where you can practice an impressive dive.

We encourage you to try this fun activity on your next trip to Morocco to learn about the secrets of the marine world that the neighboring country has.

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