The basic notions of arabic you need to travel to Morocco

So that you can put yourself in the situation on your next trip to Morocco, this time we dedicate the weekly post to making an approach to the language. Arabic turns out to be quite complicated for Spanish-speakers, but this does not mean that knowing some basic notions of Arabic can help you solve some situations.

Although with English they understand you quite well and in French much more since they speak mainly in Moroccan Arabic or French, the locals will always appreciate that there is a first approach with some indigenous Arabic word. On the other hand, if you speak Spanish, due to the proximity, especially in the north of Morocco, they may also answer you in Arabic.

In addition to your day-to-day in Morocco, it is always good to know some basic words and thus practice the negotiations that you will have to do when buying any product in the country, to rent some transport or some service.

Today at Viajes Morocco we will teach you the keywords to get into the country first, with those, you can start to interact in the country and, above all, learn other new words! If you are also interested in Arabic script and alphabet, this will require more time due to its complexity. However, this one is exciting. The Arabic alphabet has 28 letters and, among its most outstanding characteristics is that it is written and read from right to left and, in addition, most of the letters of each word are strung together.

In the first place we will start with basic words and later we will deepen with common phrases to form a connection and a certain conversation with the Moroccan interlocutor. But, which are the first ones that we are going to use yes or yes when we get there and are we going to need them? Here we will give you a brief list about the meaning in Spanish, on the one hand, and in Arabic, on the other, to know what the approximate pronunciation of it is.

English Arabic
Good morning – Salam Alekúm
How are you? – Labass
Very well, thanks. And you? – Labass hamdoullah
Thanks -Choukran
Sorry – Smahli
Yes – Wakha
No – La
Please – Marhba

With this list and with some English or French you will be able to function perfectly in the Maghreb country, always open to continue learning more about its language and, above all, about the culture that makes it up.

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