The best sunsets in Morocco from the Krikia jetty in Assilah

If you are bitten by the bug of knowing the port of the Atlantic town of Morocco called Assilah, you will be stunned with all the corners that the city offers.

Being a municipality that borders on 30,000 inhabitants, the Assilah medina takes on great prominence, being affected as one of the most beautiful medinas in northern Morocco.

However, among all the inhospitable places that surprise you as you enter this beautiful coastal town, there is one that takes the cake. At sunset, it is almost mandatory to go to the most beautiful viewpoint in the area. A perfect point to enjoy the ocean landscape and the colors that are formed at this time of day. This is known as the Krikia or “Cariquia” viewpoint, located on the jetty next to the Borj Krikia tower.

This place, quite crowded by locals and tourists, is located on top of the wall. At this point in Assilah, the views of the landscape are unique to take photos and to enjoy a magical moment in full peace listening to the background wind and, at times, the call to Muslim prayer from the mosques.

In addition to the beach and the ocean, from the Borj Krikia tower you can enjoy views of the small and colorful cemetery. It consists of a muslim place of worship next to the Sidi Ahmed El Mansur mausoleum which is located under the Assilah viewpoint.

The image at the beginning of this post reflects the view from the viewpoint focused on the medina and its walls. These fortifications that protect the town from the ocean were built by Alfonso V of Portugal in the 15th century. Surrounding the city, they have several doors that were previously closed to avoid, as far as possible, the conquests of other civilizations.

If you decide to visit Assilah at any time, from Argania Travel we recommend that you do not stop looking out at this jetty. The perspective that it offers of the city is incredible. In addition, although in the town in general tranquility reigns approaching the viewpoint we find the haven of peace and rest that, after a whole day exploring the area, surely you need.

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