The loom, the ancient crafts of Morocco that maintains its quality

As we saw in previous publications, artisan work continues to be very present in the economy and in the daily life of the Moroccan population. From the north to the south of Morocco, non-industrial textiles have a large role in the country’s market. The activity of this sector that makes the clothing of the population, provides this tradition does not decline.

Both daily grooming routes and those reserved for special occasions are carried out by the country’s weaving industries. In addition, the rest of the fabrics that form aprons, scarves, tunics, rugs… are the result of manual labor in its entirety, from the elaboration of the threads to the creation of the products.

Both men and women can do this job. In particular, in the Berber regions, they are the addresses to this profession, unlike in the traditional souks of the great cities of the country, where they take command of this workforce.

Fabrics made with the Moroccan wooden loom

Indistinctly, two people will operate the wooden looms with which the fabrics are made, but the “flying shuttle”, an article that revolutionized its operation last century, makes it possible for us to use just one. When the bobbin of yarn is thrown from one hand to the other, the spinner activates the pedal with his feet and re-launches the yarn to the other side, swapping to make the drawing. By passing five or six times the threads are matted with a barbed comb and through long hours of effort they are able to make authentic wonders of unique fabrics around the world.

Weavers workshops are given throughout Morocco. Sometimes, if you walk into a fabric store in the souks of Moroccan cities, merchants invite you to come and sit inside the store to show a small demonstration of the elaboration of the fabrics they offer.

In these places located in the souks, you can find an endless number of colors and shapes for all likes. From experience, most likely, the store’s merchants will incite you to buy some of their products and end up biting something. Without a doubt, its quality will be the reason for a good purchase and its possession, a perfect reason to remember a great trip.

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