Summer tea benefits?

Although we were all looking forward to the summer, we did not remember how unbearable heat waves like the one we are experiencing. Especially in interior areas, its effect is usually more pronounced, which makes us look for alternative ways to stay cool. As well as going to the beach or the pool (for those lucky enough to be able to go), the most unfortunate go in search of shade or some cool place.

But wherever we go, if we want to spend the day outdoors there is never a lack of a good fridge to keep cold that refreshing drink that feels good to our body, right? But this is not entirely so. In countries with a location close to Ecuador where the day exceeds 40 degrees to the day and the day, there are no drinks or refreshing foods to cool off.

In the quintessential tea country, even in July and August, the hottest months, tea is still served hot, almost boiling, as during the rest of the year. To this you will ask yourself, why? No, it’s not crazy and it has its explanation. Although we all agree that when the heat takes over our body the sensation of freshness of any drink at low temperature gives us satisfaction, even the berbers who live in the middle of the Sahara desert agree that it is much better for the body to drink beverages with the same body temperature.

According to the berbers, if you drink water at low temperatures, the body will make an extra effort to bring it to body temperature, so more energy will be spent and, therefore, after a while we will have more heat. For this reason, they will continue to drink water at high temperatures since, by receiving hot food, the body will save itself by heating the water inside and making it sweat more, that is, by cooling the body and the sensation of heat will be less.

Does it sound convincing? The Berber communities of Morocco have populated the desert and the driest areas of the country for centuries and centuries. Part of its secret lies in the diet adapted to the high temperatures that abound in the area

Following this theory, we could thus explain why the diet of the countries of North Africa is so light since the objective is to make the body work as little as possible while rejecting heavy meals. Vegetables, couscous, products such as fresh fish, easily digestible foods that promote intestinal transit. In addition, teas like mint, with just its flavor, gives a sensation of freshness unmatched as only this herbaceous plant is capable.

In this sense, we encourage you to experience the effects of the times during the summer, learning once again about the arab culture and the secrets that are hidden.

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