5 things to do in Al Hoceima and you can’t miss

In the middle of July and with controlled covid-19 outbreaks, there is a growing desire to take a trip to isolate oneself from everything. Although the Moroccan destination is still considered restricted by the authorities, its tourist sites are increasingly more travel alternatives for those seeking experiences in addition to the tranquility and security that Morocco offers.

For this reason, the Moroccan city of Al Hoceima is considered one of the most popular destinations when it comes to holiday searches for many tourists who want the borders to be opened in order to travel there. As the third port of connection with Europe in the Maghreb country, Al Hoceima comprises a location that during its history was required by the Spanish colonists due to its strategic location.

This was founded at the beginning of the 20th century by the Spanish settler community after its landing in 1926, subjecting the population that lived in a small village located in the area. After numerous revolts and the famous Rif uprising, Al Hoceima became independent but it was not until the last decades when it was exploited for tourism, becoming one of the symbols of beach tourism in Morocco. For this reason, from Argania Travel we recommend 5 things that you cannot miss if you travel to this city.

  • Al Hoceima is characterized, in addition to its beaches and the tranquility that is breathed in the area, by the natural place in which it is located. This summer town is located on a beach located between cliffs. Visiting the Cala Bonita beach, which is the closest to the town, is enjoying a natural beach with crystal clear water and fine sand that will make you feel like you are in paradise.
  • In the surroundings of Al Hoceima the natural park known as Tafensa is located. Its wide deployment through the 48 km2 geography and its variety of fauna and flora so unique make it one of the least exploited places in the area. The park has cliffs that exceed 700 meters while it is crossed by the Tarmast River, a geographical creation that generates a valley full of vegetation and caves where you can practice hiking and mountain sports.
  • If your passion is visiting the coves that make up the rocky profile of the Al Hoceima area and water sports, such as diving, in this city your wishes will come true. We give you some ideas on where to go on your visit to Al Hoceima, such as little beach de Topoz, Boussekour or Tikit.
  • Eat fresh fish. In Al Hoceima, one of the food jewels of its gastronomy is, due to its proximity to the sea, fresh fish. The quality and diversity of its fish means you cannot forget to buy fish or taste how it is cooked in one of the best restaurants in the town.
  • Less than 100 years ago, the Peñón Vélez de la Gomera was a rocky island, until in 1930 a seismic movement linked it with the land, making it a peninsula. Currently this place is owned by Melilla, belonging to its military Maritime Captaincy, knowing this isthmus as the smallest border in the world.
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