The paradise of natural pools is located 20km from Agadir

Are you more of a pool or a beach? If the answer is second, you are in luck, its thousands of kilometers of white sand beaches will make your dreams come true. But, if on the contrary, your preferences are swimming pools, in Morocco there is also a great diversity of both artificial and natural swimming pools that will refresh your stay in the country.

In this post, we will focus on one of the least known natural pools in Morocco but which at the same time stands out for its beauty and purity. Known as “Paradise Valley”, this natural route departs from Agadir’s tourist complexes, so meeting them is always a good option for adventure lovers.

An hour from Agadir and crossing a dirt road we will reach the natural pools that form in the geography of the Tamraght river area. Their journey through the High Atlas causes the formation of natural pools of clean and fresh water where many residents of the area come to bathe and explore the nature of space as an alternative to beaches.

Due to the waterfalls caused by the different levels of the river and its difficult stones to erode its waters, its turquoise color will make it one of the most crystalline waters in all of Morocco.

To access this unique place of crystalline pools, waterfalls and tranquility it is necessary to walk two kilometers along a perfectly signposted path. But don’t worry, it won’t be because of the heat. This route follows the river path where you can also swim to cool off, although the real surprise is when you get to Paradise Valley. Just like you want to swim in these natural pools, you must be patient. In the first pools you find, you will see that the water is darker and there are people overflowing. But don’t lose hope, the pools you expect to visit are later, off the beaten path.

Until you reach the natural pools, on the way you will find waterfalls where you can take a good bath. These include those in Uadi Tinker or the Assif Tamraght parade. Photogenic enclaves where you can rest and spend a different day breathing fresh air enjoying the works of nature.

Visiting Paradise Valley is always a good option when being on the beach is an odyssey due to the unpleasant wind that sometimes prevents you from relaxing. Located between large rocks, this corner of the High Atlas protects its visitors from the wind and the water always remains at an ideal temperature.

From Agadir, which is the closest city, you can book excursions if you don’t have a car at your disposal, although you can also rent it there and drive directly to this destination at the foot of the High Atlas.

If you plan to visit this exotic place, be sure to take the proper anti-covid-19 measures. With a mask, its corresponding hygiene measures and keeping safe distances, we can all properly enjoy the wonderful place that nature offers us.

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