Sahraouiya: much more than a sport event in Dakhla

The Moroccan city of Dakhla is turning pink to celebrate the world famous charity race: Sahraouiya. More than just an orienteering race, Sahraouiya is much more. The meeting of women sports enthusiasts aims to raise money for associations supporting women in Morocco.

The event, which celebrated its seventh edition last month, was successfully held between 13 and 20 March in Dakhla.

What does this solidarity challenge consist of?

The event is about forming pairs of women whose aim is to overcome various types of sporting challenges. In addition to successfully completing each and every one of the tests, respect and the values that are promoted in each team, such as companionship and kindness, also play a part in the final score.

Associations of women with breast cancer or other women’s groups are examples of those initiatives for which the Sahraouiya continues to be held, with 80,000 dirhams going to each of them every year.

Some of the initiatives they have managed to carry out through the proceeds of Sahraouiya include:

  • Purchase of equipment for the paediatric department of the Hassan II hospital in Dakhla.
  • Purchase of approved equipment for a school for children with disabilities in Leglat.
  • Opening of a nursery in Rabat for young sub-Saharan children and families at risk of social exclusion

Why Dakhla?

This bay in the Moroccan Sahara may be one of the most crowded parts of the Moroccan Sahara. And this is no coincidence. This small town located between the Atlantic coast and the desert is the perfect place to do sports such as:

  • Mountain biking
  • Running
  • Canoeing
  • Orienteering
  • Night trekking
  • Bootcamp or obstacle course

The contestants have to overcome each test during six days until they reach the final finish line. A raid that changes depending on what the organisation stipulates, so that each year the circuit is unique and that is what gives Sahraouiya its authenticity.

This race is a physical and mental challenge for many women who, under the motto “nothing is impossible”, reach the finish line as an example of overcoming obstacles, which makes them repeat year after year.

In addition, many of the participants highlight the race as an opportunity to get to know themselves and many women from all over the world who are encouraged to participate in the event for a good cause.

Do not hesitate and prepare your training for an unforgettable experience for the year 2022. You won’t regret it!

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