The nomadic culture festival held in southern Morocco and you can’t miss

If you travel to Morocco in this month and you are an inveterate lover of culture, an excuse to know the Moroccan feeling is to attend a festival created by and to extol the country’s traditions. The International Nomad Festival has been a world leader in “cultural diversity and openness to the world” for 16 years, as they say from the organization of the event.

The first festival held in the south of the country is celebrated in the town of M’hamid El Ghizlane located 90 km south of Zagora in the Draa Valley. The intention of its celebration is to extol the cultural wealth of activities and heritage with which the North African country enjoys. In this case it focuses on the wide variety of nomadic tribes that are usually located in this southern part of the country. These activities help to foster and outsource the culture of these populations have an advertising and medical coverage of attention to all their art representations. We talk about crafts, painting, weaving,… although not only that.

What stands out is the variety of songs, music and dances that can be enjoyed at this festival. On the other hand, poetry, literature and lyrics performed by artists from around the world also abound with a stage where they never stop detecting things and amazing shows abound.

This 17th meeting of nomadic cultures values ​​the opportunity to open up to new frontiers to all these cultures relegated to oblivion by being minorities in oblivion. This outdoor event is held for three days, which specifically coincide from the 19th to the 21st of this month.
In addition to round tables with experts, conferences and workshops on broad topics such as agriculture, flora, fauna, environment, education, health, nomadism, and above all, culture, sport is not far behind. Nomad hockey games and camel races popularly known as “ellaz” will fill these days with fun, the most open, informative and educational of the year.

At the economic level, in addition, the celebration of the 17th International Nomad Festival brings more than other activities to the surrounding populations. The population grows and tourism grows so that work and occupation of all sectors are encouraged, in addition to favoring the region’s links with Morocco and with countries from the rest of the world.

Attending is a unique opportunity to get to know this very positive and enriching project where solidarity and generosity are key to the harmony of this festival. In addition, it is an opportunity to express and exchange ties between cultures and continue building that material and immaterial legacy product of local development.

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