Why Morocco is the best destination for yogis

Peace and harmony between body and soul. The energies that are achieved through practicing a good yoga exercise are unique and go far beyond any physical exercise. The meditation of this buddhist practice has made millions of people around the world have changed their way of thinking and living looking for that cocktail of sensations that yoga offers.

Silence and a good landscape are the fundamental ingredients that any yogi seeks in his exercise routine. But it is not necessary to travel to the Himalayas, -place where this exercise was born through the Buddhist culture-, to be able to enjoy it. During the last few years, Morocco has become one of the most important countries in yoga and reiki encounters.

From a weekend to a month, the Maghreb country offers organized yoga retreats to fully enjoy yoga and various activities to complement the training. Among them, specialized in listening workshops, surf courses or classes on vegetarian food will enrich the “yogi” retreats.

But why does Morocco become the best option to undertake a spiritual getaway? Besides it is an accessible country and that many planes travel every day to the most populated cities in the country such as Marrakech, Fez, Casablanca or Tangier, its landscape is unique and authentic.

A country naturally as rich as Morocco has, above all, exotic enclaves and corners where the relaxation necessary to do yoga is assured. There are spiritual retreats around all of Morocco from north to south, on beaches and in mountains. Although, unlike other countries, here it is possible to perform in incredible places such as Berber villages, exotic palm forests, medinas and markets and the vastness of the Sahara desert.

If you are still thinking of undertaking a trip of these characteristics but you are not very used to this sport, do not worry, this trip is also for you. There are retreats to get you started in this sport focused on initiation enjoying the authentic landscapes that abound in Morocco.

You will experience the positive effects of yoga in addition to getting a new perspective unlike practicing it in any room in the usual center of our city. Leaving the comfort zone you will be able to relax in an alternative way, you will learn to manage stress, you will know other ways of understanding life through moroccan culture and you will travel to spectacular and unique places, can you think of a better plan?

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