On your trip to Morocco you should not miss visiting the desert that may remain a truly unforgettable experience for you. When you reach the Moroccan desert the chaos that you can find in the city transforms into a much calmer atmosphere. Merzouga is a small town in the southeast of Morocco, about 35 kilometers southeast from Rissani, 45 kilometers from Erfoud, and 50 kilometers from the border with Algeria. It is famous for being the only place in Morocco where the Sahara famous desert dunes are.



Although we usually call it Merzouga, in reality that changing landscape is called Erg Chebbi, where Chebbi is the proper name and erg defines the type of desert (that is, those composed of masses of sand). Other deserts, much more common, are the hamadas: hard, stony and with hardly any sand.



When going to the desert with us, you arrive in the desert in 4×4 and once you are there you have to change it for camels and go several hours inland to get to the dunes. However, the night ride in camel is a real adventure! Afterwards, you will spend the night inside the desert in a comfortable and totally equipped tent. Sleeping inside the dune desert is such an emotional experience as you can get up before dawn, climb a dune of over 100 meters high and take photos. With the light of dawn, the sand of the desert takes a spectacular reddish color and as the sun rises, the color gets more yellowish. An interesting fact that you should know before going to the desert is that another factor that influences in the color of the sand is its antiquity! The older the desert is, the more the sand has rusted and the greater the reddish color gets.



Undoubtedly, Merzouga is the most famous desert in Morocco and if in the hypothetical case the accompanying photos do not help you understand the reasons, I am here to help you with this! It has a length of about 30 km and an average width of approximately 8 kilometers. Also some dunes can reach nothing more and nothing less than 150 meters high!

If I could only give you one advice, I would tell you that if you hesitate between choosing the same option as always or a different and more risky one… then expand your comfort zone and go for the second option! It is probably the best way to spend your time getting to know other ways of living.




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