21st Edition of the Gnaoua Festival

The expected date for all music lovers who visit Morocco for one of the most important festivals worldwide draws nearer. The 2018 Gnaoua festival will take place between June 21 and 23 in Essaouira.

However, the essence of this festival does not lie in its music, strange as it may seem. It is the coexistence of people, styles and cultures that defines perfectly this festival and mergers of genres that enrich the audience. One of these mergers this year will be that of Maalem Abdeslam and Pepe Bao, a Moroccan and Spanish musical style on the same stage!

News from the Gnaoua Festival

For the first time we will see a talented female duo of Fatoumata Diawara and Asma Hamzaoui.

There is a special and unique moment in the festival full of philosophical charge that gives its spectators great emotion. That moment is known as “the word tree“, and takes place in the middle of the festival. Artists, musicians and cultural activists enjoy tea while sharing knowledge, ideas and experiences with participants and listeners. The power of the word in all its splendor!

With music blasting over the streets of the city, the hundreds of people who head to the three-day festival, Essaouira becomes a magical place where street, house and every corner and scene are filled with music, when tradition and history is present but also implies a change, evolution and wishes to make a difference on our future.

If you visit Morocco in June, take advantage of this wonderful festival and discover the magical and enchanting music of the Gnaoua while getting to know the beauty of Essaouira and the cultural richness of Morocco.

Enjoy this unique experience with friends, as a couple or alone, and visit one of the most beautiful and charming cities in Morocco, Essaouira.



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