The Bin El Ouidane reservoir: a live postcard

Once you enter the High Atlas it is impossible to leave. Whether it be for its diversity of spices or its landscapes… the High Atlas comprises a wide range of ecosystems for all tastes and types of travel that will leave no one indifferent.

Amongst the many stops to be made when travelling in the famous High Atlas Mountains, at an altitude of 1700 m, there is a reservoir fed by the rivers El Abid and Asif Melloul, to the east of the massif.

We are talking about the Bin El Ouidane reservoir. Built by French labour during the colonisation period, its main objective was to supply hydroelectric energy and thus control the water supply for the whole Moroccan region.

It could be said that it is located in the centre of the country and that its location is no longer so much a strategy for the production of energy as for other uses that have developed thanks to its spectacular environment rich in biodiversity, such as tourism.

You can already imagine what a lake in the middle of the wonderful High Atlas mountains means in terms of landscape. Leaving from Marrakech, more and more tourists are encouraged to take this nature route. An ideal route to get to know this area of Morocco and be in full contact with the nature of such a biologically diverse area as the High Atlas. In this reservoir, its extraordinary carps of one meter long call the attention. They are difficult to see, but worth discovering due to their unique characteristics.

Nowadays, it is a place where relaxation is assured by enjoying nature and the activities that can be done there, such as kayaking or other mountain and water sports, such as fishing.

Accommodation in the area is not a problem as it has some modest hotels and others of superior luxury price, for all pockets, for those people who fall in love with this picture and want to continue discovering its corners for more than a day.

Let yourself be enchanted by this ecosystem of peace and harmony while you discover some unique landscapes in the world: water, snow and rock; a perfect combination where you can let your imagination fly and make all your senses enjoyable.