The last hour of the coronavirus in Morocco

It is impossible to deny our love for travel and we recognize that it is difficult to hide our globe-trotting spirits during this stage of confinement. Surely you are already thinking about your next trip when this season ends. Until then, all we can do is encourage you to visit virtually through our blog everything that a country like Morocco can discover. For this reason, we want you to follow the daily life of this region in terms of the coronavirus crisis and to have an international perspective on how this disease is affecting the rest of the world and, specifically, Morocco.

Almost a week after closing the river connections with Spain, the Moroccan Ministry of the Interior declared a state of emergency at 6:00 p.m. in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Among the exceptional measures that the Moroccan ministry has begun to implement is not the “cessation of economic activity” but the movement of citizens. These may only be domiciled with an “official document” that certifies that they go to work in administrations, businesses such as factories or pharmacies and agricultural laboratories.

As in Spain, Moroccans can go out to attend a medical center, make the purchase or go to the pharmacy and non-compliance with them will be paid under the losses provided for in the Penal Code. Before these movement restrictions, the country closed days before schools, cafes, mosques and all kinds of activities in agglomeration.

Although to a lesser extent compared to Europe, Morocco currently also has cases of coronavirus. Specifically, during the night yesterday that the last communiqué was sent, 86 people are infected and there are three dead to date according to an advance offered by the Moroccan Ministry of Health.

The last three cases of contagion added to the list are from people from different countries, one from the American continent, one from France and the other from Spain. Of the last 7 cases that were registered yesterday, the cities in which they have occurred are: two cases in Tetouan, two in Casablanca, one in Rabat, one in Sidi Suleiman and another in Oujda.

To prevent the spread of the virus at the national level, the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco intends to reduce these possible contacts between citizens, which is why it has announced the suspension of intercity bus lines.

It is important to remember that of the 86 infected with which Morocco has so far, many more have been tested and have given negative results. Up to 385 cases have been negative and it has already affected left the hospital two people. With these data, from the travel agency Viajes Morocco we intend to call for calm and responsibility to comply with the corresponding municipal orders. Thus, we will leave the eradication of the virus to the health professionals and help those who really need what are the most vulnerable people. #Istayathome

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