Easy guide about what to take on your trip to Morocco

If you are thinking of taking a trip, the first thing is to choose the destination. When this phase has already been completed, the days before your excursion you spend time looking at not wearing a short coat, an extra short sleeve or what happens on frequent occasions, that you forget a basic element, the umbrella folding. That we have all remembered ever.

Destiny conditions the suitcase, but also the season. Just as in the Nordic countries there may come a time when two drops of sweat appear on your forehead, the downpour of the century can fall in the desert. This is what happens in destinations like Morocco. In areas near the equator, it is likely that the heat abounds, however, nothing takes away from you that in winter the storms will take a good day.

Although this list of essential things is the last thing you look after the nerves take over the days before your trip, it is important to keep in mind some things that can not be missing in your luggage. Whether it is a travel backpack or suitcase, Morocco is not a destination where you need a lot to carry, although the essentials must always be taken into account so that you do not play any tricks:

  • Documentation: It may be or most likely to be forgotten or what you most try to protect. It is the most important and something that is recommended “always carry on.” It is good to take more than one photocopy, so it can happen or also send an email with a photo, so we will always be sure that, if something happens, we can certify it “in some way”.
  • Cash: With the Dirham, which is the national currency, we can always change it before arriving in Morocco or simply arriving there to make the change. For this reason, as you can change the euros you carry there, it is always good to carry a certain amount of money in euros in case you need it there.
  • Health insurance: Although there are times when it ends up not being necessary, medical insurance should something happen during the trip is essential. It is the “and yes …” of any traveler, so it is well hired, for the simple reason that we all know someone who had something happen to him.
  • First aid kit: Although it is also a “just in case”, put the oral serum and antidiarrheals is never too much, besides paracetamol or ibuprofen for what may happen.
  • Clothing: As we said at the beginning, Morocco is usually a warm destination, but the nights play bad times. Beyond the summer, during the rest of the year at night, in the desert and the coast area above all, it is preferable to warm well because the temperature changes are drastic. With a fleece or a sweatshirt or sweater, which never hurts, or a feather that does not take up much space, you will avoid a cold.

In summer, for example, caps come great, and long dresses instead of shorts for girls, too.

Above all it leaves room for purchases. You will enjoy as a child discovering the art of bargaining.

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