Dakhla is positioned as the sustainable destination of Morocco with places like Portorico beach

To the west of the Sahara, and south of the Dakhla area, the new experiences never seem to end. After having visited the White Dune or the Imlili oasis, something that can not be missed is to visit the beautiful beaches that abound in the area. A spectacle of sand and ocean is the one that stands between the Saharawi people of Dakhla to invite us to enjoy a relaxing day on the shores of the Atlantic. At this point is the beach of Puerto Rico or also known as Portorico.

But this is not a simple natural beach, the beach of Puerto Rico is much more than that. It is characterized by its geological curiosities, such as sedimentary rocks and desert roses that this coastal ecosystem of the Sahara has. The golden coast of Puerto Rico, as this magnificent natural enclave is known, has crystal clear waters never seen before that will allow you to see perfectly all kinds of species if you carry a diving equipment with you or at least some glasses.

The one located between Dakhla and the Mauritanian border forms a gulf that stands out for its climate throughout the year as well as being very popular for foreign tourists. However, what can attract most of this beach is that it is not yet exploited by large hotel firms and even the Moroccans have not taken advantage of this beautiful place.

A destination that invites you to take relaxing walks along the beach, lie down to sunbathe or, for the most intrepid, the waves that break on the shores of the beach of Puerto Rico invite you to surf. Surfing, but especially kite surfing, are the activities that are most often practiced by those who visit this beach because it is an area where the north wind abounds.

It is said that, currently the Dakhla region, which includes a booming tourist attraction, is destined to be the first destination for sustainable tourism in Morocco during these years. According to a multitude of tour operators, its sports and sun and beach or natural offer makes Dakhla one of the responsible tourist enclaves with the most demanded environment in the Maghreb country. A promising future that will take advantage of anyone who wishes to enjoy this combination between nature, action and peace.

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