Customised trips: now or never

Never has a luxury trip been so cheap. Yes, luxury and cheap can coexist in the same sentence. We are talking about those specialized trips that only happen once in a lifetime. Honeymoon, anniversaries, business trips…. It is always difficult to organise such a trip. Especially now due to the health circumstances that concern the whole planet. However, it is also an ideal time to take advantage of cheap travel and the low flow of tourists to any destination.

As we recall in this post, the borders of Morocco are open only to people who work or live in the country and to those who have a Moroccan hotel reservation for tourism purposes. Thus, it is possible to go safely to Morocco. Now, make a special trip with your partner or closest friends in a relaxed way to get to know the Maghreb country as you wish.

With Argania Travel, it is possible to design that trip as you have always wanted to do and that you have never found the moment. Now it is. In this agency, we have multiple possibilities to make your trip a safe experience and, moreover, we are happy to design a private trip with the best guides, experts and professionals so that your wishes come true depending on what you and your loved ones want to do.

No trip is the same as another if the travellers are different. We give you the possibility to design your own trip revealing the heart and soul of the country so that you don’t miss anything. You will be able to specify the date of departure and return, the number of accompanying persons, whether or not you want a guide, the accommodation where you want to rest such as luxury, standard, charming hotels or riads in the desert. After these specifications you just have to let your imagination run wild!

At the very least, for a complete experience in Morocco, it is best to spend approximately 6 days and 5 nights. With this duration, Argania Travel offers private organised trips with high quality services so that nothing is left behind and so that, apart from the excursions, the experience is even more complete, enjoying your luxury accommodation as if it were a dream.

Accompanied by a guide, your partner or group and you from Marrakech can travel in three days to the imperial cities, the High Atlas in the northeast of the country, where you can stay in luxury hotels or romantic and traditional riads and leave the desert adventure for the last two days. A night’s sleep there is a must. Sleeping in tents gives the feeling of sleeping in the middle of the desert. It is a unique sensation in the world to which it also adds to contemplate the stars from this place. The VIP desert tents camp will be for you an oasis in the middle of the desert, a camp that lacks nothing and where the minimum detail is important.

Six days to experience exclusive moments where, among other activities, a ride on the back of a camel during sunset or sunrise, give cooking classes with famous Moroccan chefs, cross the desert in a 4×4 or enjoy a moroccan dinner with music and a typical berber show among others.

What are you waiting for? For more information, contact us or visit the website: We are waiting for you!