Christmas in Morocco: an opportunity

Although the cold sometimes forces us not to leave home, vacations bring us another opportunity to continue discovering the world. Many speak of Christmas as the most beautiful stage of the year. The Christmas atmosphere with which the city is wrapped, the days of celebration, gifts, the illusion of sharing moments with the family, make Christmas an almost obligatory date with happiness or, more like with “happiness understood by the capitalism”.

When Christmas is being commercialized so excessively, there are more and more people who are looking for alternative plans at this time to take advantage of vacations away from all the hustle and bustle that Christmas entails.

For this reason, Morocco, having Islam as an official religion, does not celebrate Christmas, so it can become the perfect destination, far from the consumerist culture of European countries and close to your home country, without need to spend long hours traveling.

The Moroccan destination can be an opportunity to spend a different Christmas with the family, as a couple or alone, since it is one of the times of the year that less tourists receive the Maghreb country, in addition to enjoying the Christmas holidays without shelter , the scarf and boots which skier; temperatures during the months are higher than in European countries, with an average of 20º. Even if you have to shelter yourself, you will notice that at some times of the day, you will appreciate the good weather that is breathed and that the sun gives you throughout Morocco.

Getting away from Western civilization never hurts, in fact, from time to time it is even necessary. Realize that the world does not end if a year-end is not partying, or if gifts are not placed under the typical ornate tree. Morocco and the hospitality of its people will make the feeling of feeling at home survive on this trip. Staying in a riad, living with the original people of each city, will make you experience that different Christmas that is sometimes needed and it will be the breath of fresh air that Morocco will guarantee you as a Christmas gift.

However, globalization has also influenced Moroccan society. If you travel at this time, although less than in the rest of Western society, you will not be exempt from seeing the Christmas decoration of a showcase or finding someone dressed as Sant Claus, especially in the most populous and most influential European cities such as Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier etc.

Tolerance is the element that characterizes this country, see in times like Christmas, in which the foreign population is allowed to celebrate their rites and celebrations with total normality and in peace and so they feel a little closer to home. For this reason, traveling at Christmas to Morocco can be an opportunity to get to know the world and to live Christmas in another way.

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