Keys to celebrate a wedding in the desert

There are weddings in churches, weddings on the beach, weddings in the rain, weddings on horseback, weddings in the morning, in the afternoon … endless possibilities for a multitude of couples. If weddings are special for something, it is because anything can happen that day and everything can come true. Many couples prefer traditional ceremonies and others that are closer to new alternatives and formulas to make their celebration an unforgettable day of festivities.

For those who choose the second option, desert weddings can be the perfect option for those couples looking to make their love ceremony the most authentic and exotic moment of their lives. For this reason, choosing a place as spectacular as the Sahara desert is not specifically a destination for experienced travelers in Morocco or berbers. Getting married in the Sahara is going one step further. It is going into a wonderful ecosystem.

Although desert weddings are regularly styled in the purest western style, one option is to organize a ceremony following the Moroccan tradition as they frequent in Berber cultures. But how is a desert wedding traditionally held? The berbers have been performing cultural rituals for centuries around the preparation of marriage bonds. Among them, the women of the family, the neighbors and friends from the morning organize the preparations for the suitor and future girlfriend not missing anything.

Between henna painting, burning herbs such as incense and berber clothing, it is set in the berber culture, leaving it to the women of the town. Clothing of handmade and culture such as specific kaftans and other ornaments and details the bride will be beautiful. Like women, men will also receive that dose of Berber spirit accompanied by the closest men in their lives.

After this, and when all the guests and the couple are ready between traditional songs and dances of the area, the couple’s love bond is praised. A symbolic celebration where tea and typical moroccan pastries are distributed. After this exciting act, the couple will take a romantic camel ride through the dunes to formalize their love and have the first moment in solitude after the link. Afterwards, both the couple and the guests head to a berber tend to enjoy an appetizing moroccan lunch, generally of meat prepared in the style of the area.

There are as many weddings as you like, in Argania Travel we give you options to celebrate it in this place that we love so much. But rest assured, if what you want is something of arid inspiration and similar to this oasis there are a thousand ideas to make your wedding look like a pure desert. The vibrations offered by this place give a lot of play in any decoration since the ocher tones, the golden color of the sand and the red of the sunset provoke precious combinations through which they form a beautiful decoration.

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