Moroccan interior design you’ll want to get for your apartment

Moroccan home decor is a popular trend during the summer. Beautiful stylish items, yet practical and highly functional, warm colors and handmade pieces that will make your home feel warm and beautiful like a true Moroccan interior. What are the main elements of a typical Moroccan interior?



  1. Vivid colors: red, blue, green and brown are colors to that can bring a Moroccan style to any area of ​​your home. Moroccan style is characterized for being full of colors that make a house a comfortable home.
  2. The upholstery: any item that can be upholstered, just do it. Cushions, chairs, sofas, poufs, paintings… The geometrical figures and floral motifs on any of your upholstered furniture will bring the true essence of Morocco to your home.
  3. Tables and chairs: the size of these is extremely important. Most of the times, in traditional Moroccan style you will find coffee tables that break with classic geometry. No matter if it is in the indoor or outdoor, Moroccan coffee tables and chairs can be found in a variety of colors, materials and styles to fit your home.
  4. Tiles: A true Moroccan interior will obviously have tiles! If you want to decorate the exterior, you should think about covering the walls with floral or bluish tiles that will replicate the feeling of strolling through some of the narrow streets of Chaouen or pausing for a break over a piping hot Moroccan mint tea in one of the many terraces of Essaouira.
  5. The art of repetition: If there is something really charcateristic of Moroccan home decor, it is the repetition of the same element. Be inspired by Moroccan interiors and go with cushions, lamps, decorative plates and rugs.



Remember that introducing handmade elements both in decoration and household items will turn your home into a unique space that will stay in the mind of your family and friends.



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