A ride through the air crossing the Atlas

Morocco is a country for all audiences and above all open to all tastes. Spending a vacation there should be mandatory at least once in a lifetime. Not only for the wealth and cultural beauty it offers, but for its adventurous appeal. As Morocco is a country of contrasts, lovers of the strong emotions of sport and outdoor activities see it as the ideal country to do what they like.

From surfing or kitesurfing in the crystal clear waters of the Northwest Atlantic coast to climbing in the Rif or Atlas mountains, going on a quad excursion in the Sahara desert. Morocco offers miles of possibilities to pass the time and have fun in order to create an unforgettable memory in the memory of the traveler.

Although the most outstanding activities in the country may be practiced on the beach, outdoor exercises and, in particular, in the forests that spread throughout the country are increasingly popular with tourists. These activities include jumping on zip lines, climbing, horseback riding, trekking, craft workshops or archery, among others.

Nowadays, moroccans have known how to exploit the attractiveness of their precious forests and numerous parks of this nature are scattered throughout the country’s geography. In particular, accommodation in Marrakech will be the closest option to enjoy these activities. A half hour drive from this city, in the High Atlas Mountains you can enjoy a charming place where fun is guaranteed. Upon entering the High Atlas National Park, you will find this unique recreational complex so that visitors can spend a wonderful day between nature and sport.

Intended for families, schools, friends and even business trips, this activity complex is known for its big zip line. Launching this one from one summit to another will offer you a spectacular perspective of the mountains as well as raising your adrenaline like you have never done before.

This eco-responsible natural complex is aware of local shops and materials and is considered to be the largest air route in Africa. Because it has extensive zip lines, rope circuits, and suspension bridges that traverse the trees, the feeling will be that you are flying, so it is not recommended for all people suffering from vertigo. For them there are also options. This park has recreational areas where one can rest and have a drink enjoying the views that this place offers.

Therefore, if you like to experience strong emotions and are a lover of nature, this type of excursion offers you a rich variety of possibilities and activities for all audiences.

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