Ramadan, the best time to visit Morocco

Probably we have all heard about Morocco in Ramadan. I often receive emails from people asking me if it is ok to visit Morocco during this time, what does the celebration mean, how long does it last, and what are its traditions. So, in this post I have decided to talk about Ramadan in Morocco, and hoping to answer all  questions that you can think of.


Ramadan is the most important month for Islam and is determined by the lunar calendar as Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. In this month the Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset and it is at night where exquisite traditional dishes are prepared and shared with family and friends. During the days of Ramadan, Muslims from around the world abstain from all kinds of food, drink (the only exception is water), sexual intercourse and tobacco during daylight. However, it must be said that not all Muslims do fast during Ramadan, but those need to be specifically exempted, like in case of children or some health issues. In this month the daytime activity is reduced and the prayers and visits to the mosques increases. What is more, the last three days of the month are celebrated with the Eid al-Fitr festival, which celebrates the end of the fast.

Visiting Morocco in Ramadan

We always say that the best way to get to know a country is to visit its festivals, events, see it traditions and participate in its important moments. That is why we think that Ramadan is the best way to immerse yourself in their way of life, their thoughts and ways of acting.

This year Ramadan started with May 16 and lasts till 14 of June and it always is a perfect time to travel to any of its cities as you can encounter peace during the day and nightlife in any of its houses or places.

In Morocco the cultural tradition and religious faith makes the perfect mix to enjoy and live a unique experience that will make you have a completely different trip to what you may never have experienced before.

In Argania Travel you can get a tailor made trip to visit the place you like most in this month.

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