Why we love Morocco in the autumn

Morocco is known for its long and very warm summers and unforgettable beach holidays. However, it doesn’t mean that the country shuts down for the rest of the year. Actually, the best travelling in Morocco happens after the crowds head home. Visiting the country in the autumn means less tourists, significantly lower prices and a more quiet travel.


Why you should visit Morocco in the autumn:


  • Infinite desert sands! The experience of riding a camel through the desert, seeing sunrises and enjoying such a wonderful place is the main reason why our customers choose to come here in the autumn. The high summer temperatures sometimes make it impossible to enjoy this special stay. Take advantage of our offer and visit the Moroccan desert during the autumn season.



  • Variety of surprising landscapes. From the rocky cliffs of the Rif Mountains to the snowy landscape of Ifrane and the infinite view of the desert. Morocco offers you a multitude of different landscapes among its villages.



  •  Tradition and culture in its purest state. There are many people in this country that preserve ancient customs and traditions. Living these experiences in the first person will make you know the best of each corner of Morocco.



  • Gastronomy! Try the aromatic and spicy food of Morocco that is famous for having one of the greatest cuisines of the world. Moroccan cooking abounds with subtle spices and interesting flavour combinations. Without a doubt, Moroccan gastronomy leaves a mark on the mind and heart of those who visit this place. Traditional dishes, intense flavors and snacks that immerse you in the surrounding landscape. To broaden your knowledge about Moroccan cuisine, you can read our blog posts on traditional Moroccan gastronomy.



  • Cultural and artistic events. Moroccan streets are full of art and culture with its medinas and mosques that are open throughout the year. It is in the autumn when more cultural festivals are organized. One of the best known is the Festival of Andalusian Atlantic.


These are only some of the reasons why visiting Morocco in the autumn is a very good option. We will create your perfect trip itinerary based on your preferences. Forget about all your worries with Argania Travel.