Hammam: The History of the Hot Steam Bath

One important thing to do in Morocco once you come here? Visit the famous hammam and have a scrub done!  The Hammam is without a doubt the oldest surviving bath tradition in the world and its popularity has not faded over time. In fact, this famous ancient steam bath ritual gains even more enthusiastic fans each year in every corner of the world. Do you know the true origin of hammam baths?

Hammam baths to cleanse and prepare the body and soul:

These traditional baths usually can be found near mosques. Locals frequently visit Hammam baths to prepare and cleanse their bodies with natural soap before praying. Men and women do not coincide in the same hammam and that is why women are sometimes accompanied by their children. Although the purpose of these baths is to prepare the body for prayer, it is also common to use them as a place of relaxation and a place to chat and entertain with friends and family.

Hammam procedure

The first step is to move to a warm room to relax and breathe deeply. With the warmth of the environment our pores will dilate and allow a deep cleansing of the skin. Afterwards, you will pass to an even warmer zone where it is important to control the time you spend there to avoid dizziness due to very high temperature. The next step is to submerge in the cold water, the contrast may be quite shocking but that sudden change in temperature is exactly what will make our skin perfect. Finally, we will take a bath with soap and have a massage that will perfectly cleanse our skin. Then we will go to the cooling room where we will relax before leaving the hammam baths.

In the Moroccan culture the care of the body in an interior and exterior way is extremely important as the beauty and physical well-being occupy a big part of the priorities of Moroccans. Come and experience this relaxing and unique experience with Argania Travel.

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