Mount Toubkal

Mount Toubkal

Tubqal, or Toubkal in the French translation, is the highest peak in Morocco and in all areas of North Africa. It is chosen as a destination by many tourists and mountain sportsmen for the variety of activities it offers and for the views and landscapes that can be experienced from there.

Although it is not very common to see a snowy landscape in Morocco, on the top of the Tubqal you can find snow throughout the year, one of the reasons for tourists and Moroccans to make a trip to Toubkal National Park. Monte Tubqal, located in the natural park that receives the same name, is the perfect option for adventurers and sportsmen, lovers of hiking and nature.



The altitude is of 4167 meters above sea level, but it is usual to make the route starting from Imlil, a village located 60 km from Marrakech, and of 1800 meters high. From Imlil the route to one of the shelters lasts approximately 5 hours, which is why many of the visitors use a mule to lift the luggage. From the refuge to the summit, there are 4 more hours of travel. Although it does not present an important difficulty, you have to program the climb well and check the weather conditions since the snow can pose a problem.

Even if it is a simple route, it must be borne in mind that it is not a tourist walk, so carrying appropriate equipment, programming the route and being aware of our physical form, is essential.



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