The Todgha Gorge

Located on the eastern part of the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco and only 15 km north from the city of Tinerhir, the Todgha Gorge are recognized worldwide for being one of the most spectacular rocky canyons. The road that leads to the Todgha Gorge offers beautiful landscapes as well as a beautiful view of the majestic palm grove. What is more, they can be easily reached with a public bus or with a 4×4 of your travel agency when driving from the small town of Tinerhir. During the trip, you can appreciate how green the valley is, with its mud houses, and see people working with date palms or goats.

This trip to the Gorge is really beautiful with panoramic cinema views, as the road runs through a valley full of palm trees, crops and old adobe villages (kasbas). From about 7 km (direction Tinerhir to the Todgha Gorge), hostels, camping and hotels abound, many of them very well equipped and that is why many visitors decide to spend at least one night on their route through the desert in this fascinating place. The environment is splendid and you can enjoy spectacular sunsets and sunrises. No wonder why this place has been used for the filming of many movies as a magnificent natural setting, with one of the most famous movie being the “Mummy”.

Its water is crystal clear, fresh and clean. The cliffs of the Gorge every year attract many climbers who come here to enjoy their passion. The Todgha Gorge is a place that enjoys a great reputation among climbers, especially Europeans (mostly Spaniars and French), although nowadays it has become a huge authentic school for many climbers. Many tourists also simply come to the Todgha Gorge to cool off and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the area. Another activity that can be done here is trekking, practiced by many tourists who hire a local guide to walk the Gorge in its entirety.

In some places the Gorge are only 33 meters wide, but have cliffs over of 100 meters high on each side of the river. The river has dried up, leaving space for the traveler’s imagination to create in their minds powerful forces of nature that once carved this region.

The Gorge although being located in a remote area of ​​Morocco are a very popular tourist destination and have grown in popularity during the past few years thanks to a wide variety of environments for a traveller to explore through several kilometers of hiking trails and dirt roads in good condition.

This place is an absolute must if you visit Morocco! Breathtaking views of Todgha Gorge and the picturesque river valleys where you will be able to take memorable pictures. The true beauty of the gorge is up in the areas above when the magnificent landscape opens before you. You are missing a whole lot if you don’t make it here! It is a once in a lifetime experience. Stay and or just pass through… But definitely visit, that’s for sure!



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