The Retiro Park which is also in Meknes

Next to the stables, taking a walk to the outskirts of Meknes, where the Swani pond is located, is the most relaxing way to cross this city and move from the bustle of the medina to the peace that is breathed in this place. Since its creation, this pond stores water for the city but even today it is unknown where it comes from because, according to the townspeople, the aquifer entrances are hidden. In this area, in addition to the stables there are also the royal barns.

Also known as the Aguedal pond is called Sarij or Swani, in Arabic. Built by Sultan Moulay Ismail, in ancient times it was used to irrigate the royal gardens of the same name, which are located around the lake. Its other function was to be the source of drinking water in Meknes. At present, it is only used as a pond for walking and having a pleasant time.

Specifically it is very popular in the morning because it is recurring for the people of Meknes when they want to play sports, have breakfast or walk at sunset. It is a very romantic place where many couples go for a walk there since the last hours of the afternoon are usually a claim for the spectacular light games that can be seen in the sky from this park.

The Swani pond, composed of a total of 4 hectares is almost rectangular with dimensions of 320 meters by 150 meters. We could say that its dimensions resemble those of El Retiro de Madrid. It is more than 3 meters deep and although decades ago it had ten water fountains that embellished the picture, it is still a tourist attraction if what you want is to spend a relaxing time between the calm that nature and water give off.

In summer, the Swani pond is the place used to hold summer concerts and farming events. Many travelers recommend it, in addition to being able to eat something in stalls around it with typical Moroccan food, the Swani pond is a good setting for a photo.

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