The Majorelle Garden – a treat for the eye

Located to the northeast, on the outskirts of the Medina, there is a botanical garden considered one of the main tourist attractions of Marrakech. It was design by the artist Jacques Majorelle during the French colonization of Morocco.



In 1924, during his first visit to Marrakech, Majorelle was amazed by the colors and smells shrouding the city, so he bought a piece of land in the Medina of Marrakech where he designed the well-known Majorelle Garden and a chalet that stand out for their beauty. The house, in the Art Deco style, is inspired by the Bahia Palace and the buildings of the distinguished French architect Le Corbusier. It is distributed in two floors; the first floor is the house where the artist lived during his years in Marrakech and the ground floor corresponds to the workshop.

Jacques Majorelle was a restless and enthusiastic artist who traveled around the world, although his artistic work focused mainly on Morocco, a country that was the main protagonist in most of his paintings. Majorelle portrayed both Moroccan landscapes and imposing figures of native people going about their daily work. Especially, it depicted busts of Moroccan women, as can be seen in his canvases Lady in a yellow loincloth, La belle Zohra or Femme au turban.



His long trips allowed him to form, with many plants imported from multiple countries, a botanical garden rich in exotic plants from all over the world. Among them there is cactus, jasmine, bamboo, yucca, water lilies etc. This combination of vegetation makes the Majorelle Garden a perfect corner for a large number of birds.



If there is something that cannot go unnoticed, it is the bright blue color that catches one’s eye from a distance of several kilometres. Among the blue color of the house, which gives name to the blue tone known as “blue Majorelle“, the green of the plants and the color of the tiles are a real treat for the eye.



The history of the garden continues when Majorelle opens the entrance for visitors in 1947. This event provided an opportunity to the fashion designer and businessman Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé to discover this place and stay amazed with its ecosystem. Later, in the 80s, due to the bad state of maintenance of the garden, the couple decided to buy the place and restore it, remaining it open to the public.



You can easily get to the gardens by taxi for just 20 dirhams (€ 2 approximately). The price varies depending on whether you visit the Islamic art museum, located inside the house, which is 30 dirhams (that corresponds to € 2.76) or if you want to enter only into the gardens, which costs 70 dirhams (€ 6.44).

The Majorelle Garden is an excellent reason to look for some time to just relax and rest in a very peaceful and natural environment. Any nature lover will enjoy the calmness and beauty offered by those exceptional botanical gardens. Also, Marrakech has a wide variety of parks where you can walk under the shade, such as the Menara gardens.

Even if you take a lot of photos of the Majorelle Garden, it will never look like the Majorelle Garden seen with the naked eye. Open your eyes once again to the great riches and great gift we have been blessed with this architectural and botanical jewel that the artist gave to Marrakech almost a hundred years ago.

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